Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Generous Gift to My Son

It was my son Gregory's 6th birthday this past week, and I felt a need to get him something.  I didn't know what to get the kid, considering he's got nearly all the video games and toys that I can imagine exist for toddlers of his age.  Me and my wife were discussing this issue, and how to go about fixing it... We came upon a solution which we think may be, indeed, the best gift (birthday gift, anyway) that we've given our son in a long while...

Remember treehouses?  Those things were great... You could escape the world and have your very own little hideout... Just a great imaginary (and not so imaginary) world of fun...  What a great gift it could be to give that to a kid... So much better than a x-box, ipad, or some other breakable electronic device...

But building a treehouse might be a royal pain... I mean, I'm not architect and I'm not a carpenter either... So we figured the best way to go about this would be to either hire someone to build it or see if something came pre-made...

Luckily we found what we were looking for... Apprently backyard swingsets come in all types of shapes and sizes... Including ones that have built in cabins (very similar to the treehouses of american lore)... So we figured this was a perfect opportunity to get something built and set up in the backyard wihtout having to resort to drafting our own blueprints (and worrying about safety, a big concern with a little one).

Long story short, Greg loves it, and the installation process didn't take long at all.  The swingset was so beauitful that the installation company actually uses it on their website!

I'd highly recommend you give your kids more things to do outside... It's not exactly the best time of year to be picking up a new swingset (best to do that in the springtime, before the best weather days of the summer and after the cold days of the winter).

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