Thursday, January 7, 2016

Note to all 50 somethings, Hiking is a Great Way to Stay Active

Do you regularly view my blog? You are probably familiar with my views on homesteading. I have always been interested in growing food and being able to rely on myself for survival. Now that I have all the pieces in place, I feel better about life in general. It is not easy to grow your own food. However, it is also not as hard as people think; you do not have to be in the garden for the entire day, for example. Since I do have some free time, it seemed important to stay active. The gym is not really an option for me, so I settled instead on hiking. I recently headed to the Catskills, since it is fairly close to where I live. I'm actually surprised that I have not ventured out that way yet.

The Need for Good Walking Shoes

Plantar Fasciitis runs in my family. It is a genetic condition that causes heel pain when you have been sitting or laying for an extended period of time. Each morning when I get up, I feel a great deal of pain in my heels. It almost feels like I am standing on top of jellyfish when I first get up. The condition is quite painful, and it is nothing I would wish on anyone, even someone that was unkind to me. Once I get over the pain of getting out of bed, there is still a lingering discomfort that stays with me through the day. The condition is always there, although with proper treatment, the pain can be minimized.

It is important to buy a good pair of flexible shoes when you have this condition. In particular, the heel cup needs to be supportive. People who are overweight are often diagnosed with this condition, because their feet have a lot more pressure on them then they would if the person's frame was slimmer. However, plantar fasciitis can be treated, so it is important not to get too frustrated. When taken care of correctly, surgery is not necessary. In fact, surgery can occasionally exacerbate the problem. Instead, there are a number of exercises that can help with the condition and may make it go away altogether. These exercises can help you slim down, work out your feet, and give you the ability to rest.

Facing Obesity Head On

I am proud of the fact that I am self-sufficient and grow my own food. However, I have headed to the convenience store before and purchased a bit of junk food to eat. My husband also has a sweet tooth and doesn't always make the best choices. As a result, the two of us have gained a substantial amount of weight. Because we are homesteaders, we are very unhappy with our situation. We are not okay with the weight gain, and we have committed to slimming down this year. However, we know that we need to stay active, and that in order to do that, we need a good pair of walking shoes. My husband needs to find a pair that will support a large man. These walking shoes right here are a good option for big fellows. I need to find a pair that will be good for an overweight woman. We know that what we put on our feet will make a big difference when it comes to our eventual success. If we do not select the right type of shoes, we will not be able to maintain the level of activity necessary to lose weight.

Slimming down helps you to feel better about yourself. It is also good for your heart and your health. In addition, losing weight helps your feet. Consider how much weight your feet and ankles are holding up right now. Think about the damage that is being down to your knees. Your body simply can't support your weight gain long term. I know that is the case for me; I can feel how much my body is suffering. As a result, I am researching the right type of shoes for me. I also know that it is important to pick up a pair of good insoles. The insoles that come with the shoes that you buy in the store are simply inferior to orthotic inserts. Obviously, these sorts of high quality inserts will cost you a bit more, but they are certainly worth the price. They are generally less than twenty dollars. If you need them custom-made, however, they may be a bit more pricey. You will not need custom-made inserts unless your situation is quite serious. My husband and I feel that we will be fine purchasing orthotic inserts instead. We need those, because we both have high arches.

Walking Shoes for Overweight Individuals

If you intend to start walking, and you are overweight, you need to find a good pair of shoes. This is also true if you intend to run or jog. If you do not make this a priority, you will be hurting your body. You do not want to have mobility issues as you get older. If you do, you may not be able to stay active, which means you could pack the weight back on. That is why there is no time to lose.

Remember that it is not too late to get started on a health journey. Whether you are in your 20s or your 50s, you can change the way that you live. This is true even if you notice your knees giving you trouble. The human body is an amazing thing; it can heal even when you think all hope is lost. I have been taking supplements meant to help with cartilage repair, and I really see a difference after six months. It is definitely a slow process, so it is important to know that you are in for a long journey. It took some time for you to get to this point. It makes sense that it will take some time for you to heal. Find some walking shoes today and get active! It doesn't matter whether you walk or run; it simply matters that you commit yourself to getting some exercise each day.