Saturday, February 4, 2017

Things to Look Out for During Winter - A Forestry Experts Perspective

I know some people hate winter.  Some people don't like the cold or the snow or the short days and long nights.  I personally don't mind winter.  I think if you live in the Northeast US like I do, you should be able to handle the elements as they come.  If not, move down to Florida, like everyone else :)

I like the snow as well, dating all the way back to when I was a young lad.  The snow storms, pristine fields of unblemished white, it was all wonderful.  Every so often it would snow so much that we would get a snow day!  Nothing better than that!

But today, as I've grown up as a forestry professional, working on my own tree service in Long Island, NY, I've come to realize that snow and snow storms present unique challenges and dangers to the community.  As a tree guy, I see this stuff first hand.  So here are a few things to look out for before our next nor-easter or big snow dump in the next few weeks...

Check for Broken Branches *Before* A Storm

This is rule #1, and its something that we see neglected every year.  Make sure you do your prep work and look for brittle, broken, leaning or weak branches on your trees before storms or bad weather come through.  

It's just common sense, but people tend to either forget, neglect or ignore the possibility for damage to their home, property or family.  Take it from me, whos worked in the tree industry for over 20 years, get a tree service in your area to come around for safety checks at least once a year.  If you are in long island, you can call up my service or one of my fine competitors.  If you are elsewhere a simple Google search with surface you local companies and you can pick from them.  (I've also gone ahead a listed a few locations of my spots and some companies in surrounding areas in case my readers need help tracking people down.

Have a Generator Handy to Power Your House

If you are a new homeowner you might not have thought of this just yet, but it's very important.  Make sure you have a generator on hand that will be able to power your house (at least your heat and electricity for the refrigerator) for at least 7 days.  Going without power is all too common since our electrical grid in this country is an antiquated mess.  You don't want to be left out in the cold with your family (literally).

Have An Emergency Tree Service on Hand Just in Case

Things happen, and even with the most preparation, we can still face problems with our trees and property.  If a tree comes down and you are in the middle of a big storm, you'll need a reliable company that can take care of it ASAP.  This is not the time to be searching Google or the yellow pages for a good company, because you will like get ripped off.  Find someone that has good references and go with them if the time comes for emergency services.

As promised below are a few locations of my business and some surrounding areas, in case you need tree services:

Tree Removal Long Island
70 Comsewogue Rd
Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

Tree Service RI

150 Anthony Ave,
Providence, RI 02909
United States
+1(401) 213-5812

Eastern Tree Experts
Guilford, Connecticut
(203) 457-1737